The Intercambio+ VET project

What's an intercambio?

An intercambio is a discussion organised in a relaxed environment where participants exchange ideas in a foreign language. The aim is for the conversation to be as natural as possible!

Le projet

The Intercambio+ VET project was designed to give students tools to talk about their future work in a foreign language, as well as a manual for trainers to use the project’s resources.

The App

The smartphone application is the heart of the project. It contains conversation starters so that learners can practise with native speakers.

Although the application contains vocabulary lists, its aim is not to teach a foreign language like other tools on the market: our aim is to provide support for learners who don’t know how to bounce into conversation!

Unlike the first version of the project, which focused on personal subjects, the application covers professional subjects in six sectors of activity: the creative industry, environmental conservation, cultural heritage, architecture and the tertiary sector.

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The guide

We have designed a manual for using the project resources for trainers who want to organise an intercambio with their learners. It contains information on how best to use the application, advice on organising this type of event and examples of activities to be carried out in the workshops.