A zest of tech

in the social economy and education

We created YuzuPulse in March 2018 with the aim of bringing tech innovation closer to the social economy and education.

Why? Because we noticed that while technological innovation is becoming more and more accessible, it still intimidates those who are not experts in it.

As we don’t want to stay and work in our own corner, we take part in European projects in education. This allows us to enrich ourselves with the expertise of our partners, and to have a lasting impact across borders!

We take part in

We launched this patnership to create a methodology to make the most of comics as a pedagogical tool. We are developing a methodology for a more inclusive way to learn English, and to provide teachers and students with the tools to create their own comic pages for innovative pedagogy.

The project started in November 2019. The logo, website and facebook page will be created very soon 🙂

We are partners on “Mr Winston, the True English Bot”, a project that aims at developing a tutor chatbot in English with supporting material for learners in the Vocational Education Training (VET) sector.

We also contribute to the following projects:

Tutorbot is a project in which several chatbots will be created to tutor students in Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Dyspraxiatheca aims to offer the first European bank of free educational resources for children with dyspraxia, from 6 to 16 years. It brings together model lessons, exercises, ebooks and practical sheets.

YuzuPulse contributed in particular to the adaptation of lessons.

For those who do not know about the Erasmus + programme of the European Commission, take a look here!

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